Landscaping contractors and lawn care providers are accustomed to lots of travel out in the community, in order to ensure your client’s have inviting and well maintained outdoor spaces.

Landscaping contractors face very different kinds of risks than other businesses that operate mainly from a single location.

Because your work most often takes place on someone else’s property, you or your employees can be found liable for damage or third-party injuries on your jobsites, even if it’s accidental.

Real Insurance for Landscaping Contractors & Landscape Architects

Landscapers who wish to safeguard their business against liability risks. Even groundless lawsuits can rob you of time, costing more money the longer you’re away. A wide variety of businesses could benefit from landscaping insurance, including:

  • Landscapers
  • Tree trimmers
  • Arborists
  • Landscape architects
  • Landscape designers
  • Snow Removal

Make sure you carry enough liability insurance to be protected.

What Does Landscaping Contractors Insurance Cover?

You provide quality work, but that won’t protect you from flukes, accidents, or unexpected events. Your customized insurance policy can include one or more of the following types of coverage:

General Liability Insurance is considered the foundation of any business financial plan because it covers you against so many risks and liability claims over property damage or personal injury to a third party. (A third-party is defined as someone other than yourself or an employee.) This includes:

  • Performing your work on your clients’ property, while it is in your care
  • Accidental damage to a clients property
  • Legal fees in case of a lawsuit — even frivolous claims
  • Your office premises
  • Injuries that take place on a property you maintain
  • Medical expenses or court fees in case of legal action
  • Claims against you due to employees mistakes

Landscaping Contractors Auto Insurance is different than personal vehicle insurance. Snow plows or specialized equipment require unique coverage.

Your work vehicles play a key role in how your business makes money. However, if they aren’t covered properly, they could end up playing a key role in your company losing money — especially if you can’t get them repaired or replaced after an accident.

Making sure your coverage levels for your business auto insurance are high enough to protect your business (not to mention you personally) from claims — can ensure you don’t dig a into a hole you can’t climb out of. Reynolds & Rodar Insurance can help provide coverage for all of these risks:

  • Comprehensive and Collision
  • Emergency Roadside Assistance
  • Liability
  • Medical Payments
  • Uninsured Liability

Business Property Insurance covers the replacement of the tools or equipment you rely on each day. If they were to be lost or stolen, how quickly could you recover on your own? We can even cover tools and equipment owned by your employees.

Pollution Liability Insurance covers mistakes than potentially happen when using dangerous chemicals, such as expenses resulting from pollution by a pesticide or herbicide that you used on a client’s property.

Workers Compensation Insurance protects your workers with coverage for lost income after a workplace injury and medical expense reimbursement. It also protects the business owner from having to pay out of pocket for work related injuries.

Snowplow Operations Coverage Do you plow snow in the winter to supplement your landscaping income? Did you know you could be held responsible if someone is injured or property is damaged as the result of the plowing you did? Snowplow Operations Coverage can help pay for expenses related to property damage or injuries resulting from your plowing services.

Complimentary or discounted business consulting services

We are pleased to help provide our clients with a number of services that will save them thousands in fees and costs, including help with:

  • Employee Handbook review
  • HR legal consultations
  • Drug testing
  • Background checks
  • Employee competency tests
  • Answers to important legal questions
  • Business advice
  • More tools to help you control every aspect of your business

Why you can trust Reynolds & Rodar Insurance Group

Landscapers and arborists are a different breed of business, and they deserve customized protection. We know the landscaping business. Landscaper Contractors choose us because specialize in creating the protection specific to your business.

We are the only agency in New Mexico to bring a vast suite of business consulting services to landscape business owners, to help manage the risk of running their service.

Reynolds & Rodar Insurance Group Inc. is the oldest insurance agency in New Mexico — we provide insurance solutions to businesses. We have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to service that you can trust. Call our Santa Fe, New Mexico office today at 505-983-4353 to speak with an agent. Or, take a minute to fill out our easy online quote form to get started.