Film Industry Specialists

Owning and operating a business in the film industry requires a very specific skill set. We understand all of the unique aspects of your business and have extensive experience protecting companies like yours. Reynolds & Rodar Insurance Group Inc. is dedicated to getting to know you and your business as best we can so that we can create a customized commercial insurance policy that properly meets your specific requirements.

As a professional in this industry, you understand better than anyone how easily even minor disruptions or issues can result in costly issues and delays in production. Our team believes that your specialized company deserves a specialized insurance policy that you can count on. Over the years, Reynolds & Rodar Insurance Group has developed direct relationships with major insurance carriers of this industry, and we have the ability to design a package that makes the most sense for you. We offer insurance protection to a variety of film industry businesses, including:

  • Film production
  • Equipment rental
  • Production studios
  • Local studios that lease out their sets and equipment to larger studios

What if your expensive film equipment were to be damaged? Or, what if someone got injured on set? A comprehensive insurance plan can help secure your peace of mind in the event of damages or other incidents. Without this type of specialized policy, your business could be left to pay out of pocket for these costly issues.

As an independent agency in New Mexico, Reynolds & Rodar Insurance Group Inc. has all of the resources of a major insurance company, along with personal attention that’s hard to find elsewhere. Contact our office today to learn more about your commercial insurance options and possible rates.