Author: amieselecman

Don’t Underestimate the Danger: Prepare for Tomorrow’s Flood Today

As I sit here jotting down my thoughts by hand, enjoying the sun shining through the window as my source of light, I’m reflecting on the many things I’m thankful for: the basics like clean running water, my family and friends, and certainly the very breath that I’m breathing. The recent storms and flooding in Oklahoma and Texas have made […]

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Careful Holiday Driving!

Winter is coming. That means scary driving conditions for many Americans—and not just those in cold climates who have to deal with snow and ice. Those in warmer climates, such as Florida, Arizona and Southern California, will have to cope with an influx of drivers on their roads. Flocks of “snowbirds” will arrive from out-of-state, […]

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Taos Named Best Ski Town

Taos has been named the best Ski Town in America by USA Today. We love skiing Taos and also have an office there! Congratulations Taos!!    

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